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/kneefeh/. Cloud Architect @IBMCloud. Seeking Focus. Passionate about Design, Development, Cloud Computing, Resume Editing, and BetterBrain. Views are mine.

We move regardless…

No one cares if you can’t dance, just get up and dance

I don’t know who to attribute this quote to, but it is one of my top quotes, up there with the greats. It resonates with me in everyday life, not just because I can dance (FYI !) but because it is my philosophy to approaching decision making.

The quote speaks to a dancer’s passion, but permit me to borrow it for a teachable moment 😁. For me, the quote paints a mental picture of being in a party, everyone is dancing, having a good time…

Creating and docker container with deno javascript framework installed

In this post, I document how I created a container image, and pushed the image to docker hub with is open for the public use. I am creating a container image for hosting a deno.js application.

To follow through with this tutorial, you need a docker account. If you don’t already have a docker account, go ahead a Sign up here. Also you would need to download and install docker locally on your machine. (

Brief Introduction

Docker is a container runtime that helps developers develop and deploy applications in neatly packaged lightweight containers to enable the applications to work seamlessly in…

An elegant way to come up with a vision for your next project

Scenario 1: If I put you in a room and tell you to walk in a straight line to any corner of the room, then as you walk towards one, I put an obstacle in front of you. At this point you would be stuck with nowhere to move, since my instruction was for you to move in a straight line.

Scenario 2: I put you in that same room, and tell you to walk to the same corner, but I do not tell you how to get there, then I put an obstacle in front of you. …

Oh no! not another API


A simple web API endpoint for retrieving total corona virus cases by aggregate and stats from different locations (countries).


The API has the following endpoints which can be used to programmatically get the most recent aggregate covid19 cases:

  • Get all cases
  • Get all countries
  • Get total cases


With no avail after searching the web for a simple web api endpoint to retrieve corona virus related data in a clean format, I decided to create a simple API to help developers, data scientist, analyst, or hobbyists retrieve corona virus data to be used for…

Appropriately engaging with your grand ideas

I am a software engineer, so, every now and then, more often than not, people pitch GRAND software app ideas to me with the hopes that I handle the technical side of things. I’m talking really big ones, Uber-level ideas. If you are a software developer, you probably have had someone come to you to pitch an idea like Uber. Uber, but for sandals (laughter erupts).

In reciprocity, every now and then, I pour cold water on those ideas brought to me. You probably already know what I mean by pouring cold water on an idea. If you don’t, it…

Designing with changing customer behaviour in mind

One day, I went into BestBuy to check for the prices of TVs with zero, I mean absolutely no intention of buying a TV. My plan was to go into to store have a physical feel of the TV, check the dimensions, go home, open my laptop and purchase from Amazon. This is because I have more options on Amazon, and I could get the best deal on prices. To my very own plot twist, I walked out of BestBuy with a 55" Toshiba TV. In my mind I was feeling like that day was a dynamic day for me…

Marketing as we should know it

How might we get more people interested in software development in Nigeria?

In June 2016, I attended my first ForLoop developer meetup in Abuja, Nigeria. ForLoop is a community of passionate software developers and enthusiasts across Africa. The invite link crossed my twitter timeline after being retweeted by a friend who is also a software developer. The event appealed to me, I went and I had a good time.

The next one I attended, I invited two other friends. I did this because, I felt they would be the kind of people who would like to attend an event like ForLoop.

ForLoop started as a small community of software developers and…

Give Gifts and Be Trustworthy

One Saturday evening, some friends and I were having drinks at a bar and a young man moved his chair away from his buddies to have a chat with us. We spoke at great length, cracked a few jokes and learnt a lot about each other’s lives. He was older than us; probably in his late 30s.

“You guys are so lucky in your generation”, he said. “It easier now to connect with anyone than ever before, share your ideas and tell your story to a broader audience. You have the tools and power in our hands to reach so…

What makes a #1 product on ProductHunt

At the beginning of this year (the year is 2019, incase you are reading this from the future), I took up a challenge to write about the number 1 product of the day on Product Hunt for 20 days. For those who do not know, ProductHunt is a site for curating and discovering the best new products. The aim of this exercise was to increase my product thinking skills, because there is a saying that goes, “the best way to teach people critical thinking is to teach them to write”.

The goal of the challenge was achieved, however, there was…

This is Day 20 of my 20-day Product Challenge.

What is the product about?

With the success of Ethereum, and the rise of decentralized apps (dApps) Unlock is an Open protocol that enables creators receive payment for their content of software without requiring a middleman.

The protocol allows creators to prevent copyright by putting a lock on their creation. Unlock provides a Javascript snippet for creators to embed in their website which signifies to the network that a lock has being placed on that content. Consumers will then purchase a key to access the content, thereby paying the creator directly.

It is built on blockchain…

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